Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is available to all patients by appointment and is often covered by your health insurance plan. This service includes an in-depth medication review followed by the generation of a report that can be shared with your care provider(s).

MTM services have proven to enhance medication effectiveness and safety. Many cases have resulted in reducing the cost associated with medication therapy by involving a pharmacist in drug selection to make more cost-effective decisions. MTM is covered for most individuals with a Medicare Part D drug plan; patients with private insurance plans may also be eligible for coverage of these services, depending on the particular plan with which they are insured (see below). If your insurance does not cover MTM, you can still take advantage of this valuable service by paying out-of-pocket for it.


After completing our intake form (the more information you provide, the better!), our MTM-trained pharmacist, Dr. Sharon R. Kahnke, will go through all of your medications (both prescription and over-the-counter), herbals, vitamins, and nutritional supplements with you, ensuring that they are appropriate and are producing the expected results without increasing your risk of serious side effects that are possible when patients take multiple medications. Sometimes, medications are discontinued because they are no longer needed or can be replaced with a similar generic medication that is more cost effective; other times, a new medication may be added to treat a condition that had been overlooked in the past, reducing the risk of chronic disease progression and keeping you in the best state of health possible. She will also provide recommendations for nutritional supplements to mitigate any nutrient depletion caused by your current medication therapies.

At the completion of her research, Sharon will provide a personalized report including the patient’s master medication list and recommendations. She will also remain available to answer your questions and serve as a liaison between you and your care provider(s) regarding your medication regimen, if needed, at no extra charge. If, in the future, a full medication review and report generation is warranted, hourly rates will again apply.

At St. Paul Corner Drug, we are lucky to partner with the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and its PharmD students as they finish their final year of pharmacy school. In addition to other roles within our pharmacy, our Pharmacy Interns also assist Sharon with the MTM process, providing their own expertise and perspective as they continue on their journey of becoming pharmacists.


The cost of MTM services is $125 per hour. The average medication review takes 3 hours (or $375 total).

Currently, we are able to bill the following insurance plans for MTM services:

  • HealthPartners

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (coming soon!)

  • Minnesota Medicaid (both straight MA and Prepaid Health Plans (PMAPs))

Sometimes, your insurance company will require that you be put on an “MTM list” before they’re willing to cover this service. If needed, Sharon will talk with you further about this when scheduling your medication review.

Getting Started

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Sharon, send her an email at We look forward to working with you!

Click here to access our MTM Intake Form, which will provide Sharon and her team of Pharmacy Interns with important information as they perform your medication review and prepare their final report. Once completed, you can print the form and either drop it off at the pharmacy in-person or mail it to the following address:

  • Sharon Kahnke c/o St. Paul Corner Drug
  • 240 Snelling Ave S
  • Saint Paul, MN 55105