John V. Hoeschen, BSPharm, RPh.


John is a 1989 graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and has been actively practicing community pharmacy at this very location ever since. He served on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Pharmacists Association for 13 years. He has received multiple commendations for his service, including the Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award from the Minnesota Pharmacists Association in 1996 and the Bowl of Hygeia Community Service Award—considered to be the highest honor in the pharmacy profession—in 2011.

A note from John:

"I purchased the pharmacy from its previous owner in 1997, renaming it St. Paul Corner Drug; in the years since, I’ve added technology components such as robotic filling in order reduce the manual burden of filling prescriptions giving staff more time to spend consulting with and educating patients. I’ve also worked hard to continually refresh our shelves with products that incorporate the latest scientific advancements and produce better results when combined with prescription therapies. I am constantly looking for products that are safer to use and less impactful on our environment - somewhat the opposite of the “big box” American tendency, which seem to be constantly chasing the latest product releases for the simple fact that they are new, not necessarily better for you or our planet.

I, and the rest of our team at St. Paul Corner Drug, strive to provide the very best pharmacy services available in the Twin Cities. Going the extra mile to make certain all patients’ needs are met to their satisfaction is our highest priority. While my primary focus as a pharmacist is on the drug therapy of my patients, I spend more and more time addressing other concerns they may have regarding nutrition, daily living aids, financial burdens, access to services, mobility, and other areas of their day-to-day life. I have a firsthand understanding through healthcare experiences as a patient and pharmacist how these factors all play a role in determining an individual’s overall health and quality of life. It is my pleasure to help relieve some of the burden that exists when you are out of health by offering helpful advice, specialized products, and personalized care that can improve your situation.

My wife and I raised four children and several dogs at our home just a couple hundred yards from the front door of the pharmacy, and have been deeply rooted in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood of St. Paul since we moved to the area in 1992. I volunteer with several different groups throughout St. Paul but my greatest volunteer commitment lies in helping create and maintaining the Groveland Ice Rinks hockey and recreational skating facility, located just down the road on St. Clair Avenue, at Prior Ave. every winter since 2006. Having grown up on a dairy farm in central Minnesota, I learned early that some things worth doing require a significant amount of effort. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why St. Paul Corner Drug is still viable today after so many other independent pharmacies have disappeared over the past few decades. I have enjoyed my career as your community pharmacist and local small business owner and hope to continue in this role for years to come."


Dr. Sharon R. Kahnke, PharmD, RPh

Pharmacist/Medication Therapy Management Expert

Sharon attended the College of Pharmacy at the University of Iowa in Iowa City and graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 1999. One of her main focuses in pharmacy is Medication Therapy Management (MTM), a service that provides patients with a thorough and thoughtful review of their complete medication regimen, including needed supplements, lifestyle modifications, and over-the-counter therapies.

A note from Sharon:

"While in high school, I worked at the local independent pharmacy in my hometown of Storm Lake, Iowa. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the pharmacy culture. I could see how important it was to the community that they have someone in the healthcare field who was knowledgeable, accessible, and approachable. I wanted to be that for a community, so I chose to go to pharmacy school. I truly feel that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I started at St. Paul Corner Drug in 2005 and have been gratefully inspired by my fellow coworkers ever since. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to interact with this community and use my profession to help others.

I live in Apple Valley with my husband, two daughters, an awesome dog, a hamster, and a fish named Pony Crabbles."


Robert J. Riegel, BSPharm, RPh


Robert is a 1987 graduate of Saint John’s University with a BS in Natural Science and a 1990 graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy with a BS in Pharmacy. Since graduation, he has been a practicing pharmacist in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood of St. Paul, first at James Pharmacy (formerly located at the intersection of Snelling and Randolph Avenues) and then St. Paul Corner Drug since 1991.

A note from Robert:

"I grew up in New Ulm, Minnesota, where my father was a pharmacist. I continue to practice at St. Paul Corner Drug because, to me, it has the same small town feel and high-quality level of care that I came to know as a child. I truly feel a connection to the surrounding neighborhood and think this location is ideal for providing first class care that can improve patients’ medication therapy outcomes and overall wellness.

My wife and I reside in Woodbury where we raised our two now-grown boys. While they were around, many of my free hours were spent coaching basketball and leading Boy Scout events; now, the majority of my time outside work is spent volunteering and hanging outdoors. Some of my current interests include cycling, yardwork, cross country skiing, and college football Saturdays."