Custom Rx Packaging

Compliance pack.jpg

Are you having trouble remembering to take your medication? Perhaps an elderly family member or relative needs help setting up and managing their prescriptions. Our blister packs might be the solution for you.

Distinguishing medications by color and shape is a common practice used by many adults. This may work if a person only takes one or two pills each day but can quickly become very complicated when taking multiple prescriptions at different times of the day, especially when the color and shape of pills change or new prescriptions are added.

We can package your medications into a convenient weekly blister packs that will help you take the right pill(s) at the right time. This is an inexpensive and dependable way to make certain you or your loved ones are staying compliant with their prescriptions and getting the best benefit possible.

Please call us at (651) 698-8859 if you are interested or have any further questions. Our pharmacists are willing to help you craft a solution to your packaging issues