Nutritional Counseling

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We believe most drug therapies aren’t able to work their best if we’re not also giving our bodies the fuel and nutrients they need.

In today’s market, not all supplements are created equal. In fact, many have been found to lack the ingredients stated on the label or contain compounds not listed on the label that could be harmful to the consumer. And to make matters more pressing, studies show that the majority of Americans are currently nutritionally undernourished... and that includes those of us who follow a “healthy” diet! Some of the top deficiencies we see in our patients are vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12.

We carry a variety of unique products to address issues associated with diseases such as osteoporosis and diabetes, as well as autoimmune, mental health, stress and gastrointestinal conditions. We have partnered with Ortho Molecular Products, Klaire Labs, Pure Encapsulations and a myriad of other high-end nutritional companies to offer some of the best quality nutritional products available. Our largest and proudest selection features many of Ortho Molecular’s 200+ products, all of which can be ordered for you if we don’t currently carry it in our store.

Our pharmacists are here to help you decide what additional supplements you may need to get the results you are looking for or as a result of nutrient depletion caused by a prescription medication you take. Stop by the pharmacy in-person or give us a call to speak with one of them.