Our History

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Welcome to pharmacy the way it should be.

St. Paul Corner Drug—then Kregel Pharmacy—first opened its doors back in 1922. Since then, we have grown to become St. Paul’s premier independently owned pharmacy. We still have our old-fashioned soda fountain and continue to provide the highest quality pharmacy services you can find. Our staff has a combined 170+ years of pharmacy service experience. We pride ourselves in developing relationships with our patients and customers as we guide them toward a greater knowledge and understanding of their health and wellness needs.

But our story is not just about “we,” us. It’s about YOU—our patient, our customer, our neighbor.

At St. Paul Corner Drug we accept most insurance plans, so you pay the same price (sometimes even less!) as you would at one of the bigger chain pharmacies. You will leave our corner store with your prescriptions, filled efficiently, in hand, along with the proper knowledge of how to use your medication accurately and safely. You’ll learn how to choose nutritional supplements that compliment your healthcare needs and prescription therapies, and you can have those products, along with your prescriptions, delivered straight to your door. You’ll even be able to rent or purchase medical equipment from us, as well as special order your favorite over-the-counter items that you can’t find anywhere else.

We’re here to tell you that bigger is just bigger—and definitely not better—when it comes to pharmacy. In fact, it can “cost” you so much more. Give us a try, we promise you'll love the experience.