COVID-19 Practices at SPCD

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we have made some temporary changes to our processes:

  • Until further notice, we are closed to foot traffic in order to protect the health and safety of you, our staff AND our business (with the exception of in-person vaccination appointments). Many of our patients and patrons are immunosuppressed individuals who would be at increased risk of catching COVID-19, or other illnesses that could increase their susceptibility to COVID-19, from their fellow customers. Additionally, a positive COVID-19 case amongst our staff would require a nearly 2-week shut down—something that you, and us, cannot afford. We sincerely appreciate your understanding while we continue to provide our usual high-quality service from a socially safe distance.
  • All items, whether prescription or over-the-counter, are available for curbside pick-up, home delivery, or shipping via USPS (within the state of Minnesota ONLY for prescriptions).
  • If driving to the pharmacy for curbside pick-up, we ask that you pull up next to the pharmacy on St. Clair Avenue, put your hazard lights on, and stay in your vehicle.
  • If you must come to our front door for any reason, including walking to the pharmacy to pick-up your order in-person, you are required to be wearing a mask. Masks should be covering your nose and mouth and should NOT be removed in order to speak to our staff members (in fact, communicating in close proximity with others is exactly the situation in which you should be wearing your mask). Please also keep in mind that there is etiquette that comes with mask-wearing to ensure that the mask or other face covering is effective at protecting you and others; to review these guidelines, we recommend reading this infographic from the CDC.
  • Whether you are picking up at our front door or from your vehicle, when you arrive please give us a call at (651) 698-8859 and we will bring your items to you.
  • Until further notice, our soda fountain is closed. We are currently using the counter space for COVID-19 vaccine administration and are unable to safely and satisfactorily prepare ice cream treats and drinks.

Questions? Call us at (651) 698-8859. You can also follow updates on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

In health,

The Team at St. Paul Corner Drug

Updated on 4/30/2021